Renovations, Repair and Maintenance.
Graden Scarfying and Top Dressing.
Reconstruction of Bowling Greens, Tennis Courts & Cricket Squares.
Spiking and Aeration.
Private Gardens and Landscaping.
End Of Season Renovation Work.

Renovation, Repair & Maintenance.

We provide complete renovation, repair and maintenance of all types of sports pitches including rugby, hockey, bowling greens, cricket squares, tennis courts using our own machinery such as tractor mounted spikes and trio-trak, pedestrian machines such as Groundsman Multi Tine Spiker and Dennis cassette system mowers.

Graden Scarifier & Top Dressing.

Using the Graden Scarifier (also known as a Linear Aerator) going down to depth of 1.5 inches. The purpose of this is to remove unwanted thatch and allows air into the top layer of the leaving a perfect surface for seed germination. This is then followed up with a sand/soil based top soil applied using our Eco Top Dresser.

Reconstruction Of Bowling Greens, Tennis Courts & Cricket Squares.

This involves the removal of the existing surface, inserting a drainage system, laying shingle, sand and top soil layers which produce a level bed for seed germination.

Spiking & Aeration.

This is beneficial by aiding drainage to your sports pitch and allowing air into the top surface to promote good grass growth, this can be from pricking the surface to spiking up to a depth of 12 inches deep. Using a mixture of tractor and pedestrian machinery which includes a Groundsman Multi Tined pedestrian spiker and a tractor mounted Charterhouse Verti-drain.

Private Gardens & Landscaping.

We can provide all types of gardening services from planning to pruning, these can be one off hobs or annual maintenance contracts. We can supply assistance and support with all aspects of designing and landscaping of any sized area.

End Of Season Renovation Work.

Providing end of season work to bowling green, tennis courts & cricket squares. Comprising of deep scarifying, aeration, over seeding and top dressing. Full packages including supplying feed, seed and top dressings.

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